Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Hampshire Eagles 2.21.09

So where is the female eagle? She was not spotted today, Sunday Feb. 22. The male was seen near the Vernon Dam. Is she all right or has she succumbed to her injury?
In this photo there are three eagles in the trees. They appear as dots: the larger dot on the left is an immature (could be this pair's offspring) and on the right are the pair of eagles. Wish I could have gotten a better photo. Right after I took this photo the mature eagles joined the immature and the female made quite a ruckus as she tried to land on the branch. The male landed on a lower branch and sidled over toward the immature. Shortly after the immature eagle flew away.

Our female looks ragged and injured while the male looks at her with what looks like concern. He has been a faithful bird: staying by her side.
I have great hopes that she will recover.


Anonymous said...

Hi the a Audubon Society Chapter in Brattleboro? They may be able to help her repair and heal((what looks like a broken wing))
There is an eagle here on Ross Island that has had at least six female mates, one after another, because the females tends to die earlier. The one male eagle has been the "father" to about twenty off-spring....a whole community!

robyn said...

I love her. She is so special. I know all eagles are special. she has had two mates. It's the sixth year we have watched her. She was born in Northampton, Ma. and she's banded. Last year the nest tree was overwhelmed by flooding and fell over with the baby in the nest. Two years ago on a windy day the nest site tree had an important limb break off and all the babies fell out and died. Every year it's a new struggle and yet she keeps going. Her current mate is loyal and vigilant. That's what worries me- he would not leave her side. Yet she is missing.