Saturday, January 13, 2007

Rain on me...

Rain and brother consequence

how many words do we have for rain?
I am wordless in the midst of fat drops
that splat onto asphalt and as if-
I have opened a book and slapped it shut-
the drops grow hands and clap.

oh fuck what does it matter-
life comes and goes
we have no control
The void of one exquisite human being-
an essence of life, vitality, personality.
I miss you
miss you.
are we in the Bardo?
way too raw to be heaven-
a heaven of excruciating pain, maybe
my hands clap and thunder rolls

how many words for tears-

Ode to Steve

~ Hand~


index is kind of a leader
saturn is pondering index
ring is in-love permanently
baby, well, will always be baby

thumb can be self centered

index and thumb connect
forming a grid of energy
ego & Jupiter

Friday, January 05, 2007

Valentines Day

Valentines Day

my daddy adored
mama, his heart died the day
she rejected him

her hair a red blaze
he was in a daze, listen!
then she said, "I do"

mama's favorite was
herself, daddy never did
measure up-what's love?

cut out a photo
of home-pasted on doily
baby loves mama

Lock her up, lock her
heart shaped red jello, kiss a
fellow: she chain-smoked

red smoke hung over
my pastel, rubbed the paper
didn't skip a beat