Saturday, October 25, 2008

wave nymphs ride

gale winds and water two of my favorite elements.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Wave mania on Cape Ann

During our vacation there was a huge low off the coast of Cape Ann, Massachusetts. The thunder of fifteen foot waves rocked our world.
The two shadows on the rocks are- you guessed it!

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Friday, July 11, 2008

my hair

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

searching for a home

I've been searching for a home I can call my own.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Plum Island waves 2008

Storm low off the coast created six to ten foot waves.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Plum Island beach 2008

my cheeks burned
of halo glow
I love you
of that I know

Photo from our trip to Plum Island, Ma. One of the warbler boardwalks is named Hellcat. Every morning we made haste to Hellcat. In total we saw 98 species of birds.

I took a class on bird banding and watched as a Common Yellow Throat was delicately untangled from a mist net. My group observed the handling, measuring of wings, breast checking for fat, metal banding and then the release of the tiny warbler. I kept wondering if I would be uncomfortable with this type of handling from a another species/entity.

We drove to the end of the island and walked the beach- a Plover was sending out an alarm call as she circled her nesting area. We kept our distance but with the aid of binoculars we got to see her digging in the sand and possibly depositing eggs.

Our shadows lay
within the night
small white feathers fell gently
from our invention
wings of wax, string and molted bits
divinity chose us
after the dazzling play of light
we became, become, becoming
neatly folded into one

Every year during the migration of birds, especially warblers, we take our vacation on or near Plum Island. Last year we saw over 120 birds- so you see this year the count was down. This year we stayed for 10 days- which is absolutely the longest we have done yet. I would like to work ourselves up to a month. I may have to wait till my retirement. During this time we live, eat, dream and follow the winged ones.
This year there where two storms that created huge wind gusts and large waves. So the birds hunkered down or didn't fly in. They fly with a south wind and mostly at night. We were blessed with a few days of warblers: Black-throated Blue, Black-throated Green, Magnolia, Northern Parula, Yellow, Yellow-rump,Chestnut-sided, Black-and-white, and American Redstart.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

reality poetry

Vt. mother evades rescuers, and 3 die

Rescuers use poles to look under rocks and in hidden pockets in the Wardsboro Brook in Wardsboro, Vt. Sunday April 13, 2008 during the search for Grace Waring, 2, who disappeared with her Mother Nicole Waring, 40, of Wolcott, Vt. and sibling Dakota, 6, Saturday. The bodies of Nicole and Dakota were found in the Wardsboro Brook, Saturday, after Nicole jumped into the water when approached by a Vermont State Trooper. Rescue agencies from throughout Vermont were actively involved in the search. (AP Photo/Jason R. Henske)

I lost my shoes
my toes are cold
I'm tired
sing me a lullaby
monster undertoad
is hungry
he pulls my feet
my legs hurt
I'm afraid
I spy baby Grace
rolling away
look mommy
my eyes are open
under water
In the wee hours
of mourning
daddy embraced
baby clothes

Friday, April 18
JAMAICA -- A Wardsboro man who capsized his kayak in the West River Thursday afternoon is still missing after several hours of searching by authorities.
Rescue workers search for...
David Holcomb, 24, was kayaking on the river with Matt St. Peter when both their kayaks capsized after leaving the Jamaica State Park, according to a press release from Detective Lt. Kraig LaPorte with the State Police.

The Jamaica Fire Department responded to a report of a person in the West River north of the French Bridge on Gilfeather Road at approximately 4 p.m. Search efforts were soon initiated by the fire departments of Wardsboro, Townsend and Brattleboro and Rescue Inc.

The search efforts were concentrated on the section of the river from the location where the victim was last seen in West Townshend, according to LaPorte. At roughly 8:30 p.m., authorities suspended the search efforts on account of darkness.

State troopers continued to conduct patrols along the river area throughout the night and into the early morning, when formal search efforts will resume.

After their kayaks overturned, the two men became separated from their kayaks and began floating down the river. According to the police

report, St. Peter eventually lost sight of Holcomb, whose kayak was found two miles south of the Volunteer Bridge toward Wardsboro.
St. Peter was able to work his way to the river's edge and climb out of the water with only minor injuries from contact with debris in the river. Sources at the scene said St. Peter had cuts on his chest and was offered medical assistance.

Troopers patrolling the area came across St. Peter walking along the south end of the river bank.

According to the release, neither was wearing a lifejacket during the incident, however each had one in his kayak.
I tucked my life jacket
held the paddle steady
foamy water rose
while river, my love,
embraced me

breath held out
sewing needles
dart off the darn water
my brow knits
I inhale
pine needle's
hot perfume

exquisite beauty
stings my eyes
I am the rock
singing all night
with water's rising song

I gave you shelter
your delicate fingers
pressed into my folds

a moment's rest

I watched you taken
by river's flow
as water gave you
one last drink
your blond hair matted
half moon smile
river's wake takes you
I follow
we lay
on the small round rocks
Police investigating body found floating in West River
Reformer Staff

Saturday, May 3
BRATTLEBORO -- Brattleboro Police are investigating the death of a white male pulled out of the West River Friday afternoon.

The Brattleboro Fire Department's Dive Team was on scene and pulled the body out of the water, as the rain began to fall, after a preliminary investigation from the Police Department and the State's Attorney's Office.

"The body was very close to shore, in approximately 21/2 feet of water," Fire Chief Mike Bucossi said.

Two firefighters put on cold water exposure suits to retrieve the body, following directions from the Police Department and State's Attorney's office to remove him without disrupting any evidence.

Detectives placed evidence flags along the path, leading to the water, between the Veteran's Bridge and the railroad bridge, taking photos.

The man, whom police would not identify until the family was notified, was brought to the Burlington medical examiner by Ker-Westerlund & Fleming Funeral Home.

Workers at the scene refused to comment, directing all queries to Acting Police Chief Gene Wrinn.

"It's an active investigation," Wrinn said. "There are no obvious signs of foul play, but the white male is being
transported for an autopsy."

He expected to release more information Monday.

Spring’s River Revenge

Did you rumble
down the river-
tumble over the
water logged

an afternoon's lark
of picking until dark-
fiddle heads delight
then nothing went right
river's tongue snapped
saliva’s foam lapped

Did you rumble
down the river-
tumble over the
water logged

fiddle heads pressed tight
into frozen hands all night
one hundred miles North
family searched forth
upon friday’s frightening sight
you bobbed in afternoon daylight

Did you rumble
down the river-
tumble over the
water logged

white male found
keening wail went round

still the chocolate river yawns
over yellow waving lawns

Search for Missing Kayaker Suspended

Bradford, Vermont - May 2, 2008

Poor water conditions mean that authorities in Vermont and New Hampshire temporarily suspended the search a missing kayaker in the Connecticut River.

Robert Swantak, 58, of Bradford, set out Thursday to pick fiddleheads along the river's edge but he never returned. Authorities spent most of the day Friday searching the Bugbee Boat Launch in Bradford where Swantak first put in. The Bugbee launch is on the Waits River which feeds into the Connecticut. Swantak's kayak was found on the Connecticut River about four miles downstream. It was overturned with a life jacket attached to it.

"Concentrations would be with the currents that we had (Thursday), would be where the Waits River meets the Connecticut River as well as had he been able to get any distance up the Connecticut River trying to cross from the Vermont side to his destination on the New Hampshire shoreline," explained N.H. Fish & Game Lt. Todd Bogardus.

Authorities say that the river is at flood stage and is just 46 degrees. Swantak is an experienced kayaker but not a very good swimmer.

Monday, March 31, 2008

even curbs in a storm can inspire Fine Art. Just being cheeky.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Of fated party born

Right from the start
ole Bob gifted his heart
but Peg’s wealth gave him pause
er his pride be the cause
rather humble his birth
twas meager his girth

love's first glance he did tumble
oh but no gift was the stumble
verily her gaiety waited
every hour past was fated
simply broken he dreaded

Peg’s patience being shredded
ending my sonnet I disparage
given I was born of this marriage


(((This 14 line sonnet for a Valentines day contest reads first letter down:
Robert loves Peg)))