Friday, September 02, 2011

Betsy & Robyn

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Whetstone Arts building on Whetstone Brook

I have always loved a good storm. My first stop on the computer every morning is Weather Underground. There are a few of weatherophiles in town and everyday I try to check in with them about the hottest topic. Lately that has been Houston, Texas, and I do mean hot. My skin goes to goosebumps when we talk about a weather happening. Well this weekend there was such a happening and Irene made her way to my door.

Brattleboro flooding from Irene 8/28/11

My time line is all jumbled up from trauma. I remember it started to rain. We watched over one hundred Nighthawks attempt to migrate Saturday night. Nighthawks are a delicate part of our ecosystem. I rarely see more than a few dozen migrating yearly. The interesting thing is they did not fly into the storm but took a sharp right turn. I felt a flutter of hope.
Hurricane Irene's eye was threatening to pass through the heart of our little town. Yes it rained, a fine mist all night and by daybreak the rain came in waves from her outer bands. The song of rain went from music to menacing and yet we really had no clue of what was come.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Brattleboro Food Coop 2011

I am still searching for solid ground. Floating in an a sea of sadness. No sense to what happened, no reason can calm the storm of emotions. I don't search for the mind or the emotions or the personality to make this okay. It seems to be within the realm of soul, of spirit I see one man free and the other in chains. I am pierced through the heart with love for my friends.
Today I spoke of this violence, touched my own wound, less than yesterday. Each day I grow into who I am becoming. I am changed. We are all changed. Our ground for tomorrow will be waiting for us in the future. I am here now riding the wave of today. Breath to bone: Transformed.