Saturday, August 13, 2011

Brattleboro Food Coop 2011

I am still searching for solid ground. Floating in an a sea of sadness. No sense to what happened, no reason can calm the storm of emotions. I don't search for the mind or the emotions or the personality to make this okay. It seems to be within the realm of soul, of spirit I see one man free and the other in chains. I am pierced through the heart with love for my friends.
Today I spoke of this violence, touched my own wound, less than yesterday. Each day I grow into who I am becoming. I am changed. We are all changed. Our ground for tomorrow will be waiting for us in the future. I am here now riding the wave of today. Breath to bone: Transformed.


J.N. said...

Okay we in Brattleboro don't feel safe. Our values have been stretched to trauma. When stretched we break. Upon breaking we transform. God help us to be uplifted even though we are terribly tested. And this to is reality. So be it. I hope Richard is comfortable in his own prison.

J.N. said...

"The event is not so important, but rather my response to the event is what matters." I Ching

J.N. said...

What is Richard Gagnon doing tonight? Prison, what type of meal did he eat? Does he have a room all alone or share a public toilet with someone else? why did you choose this life, richard? why? are you self punishing? And Michael~ and Michael and Michael...when do you start thinking again? when do you become present again, richard. will you forever be a victim? of what richard?
I am deeply disturbed by what you did, yes I did love you but you have stretched me to the max. a love given is not taken...please look at what you have done. even a side glance, take a look richard.