Thursday, February 26, 2009

Broken Spring

oh the wind is keening
howling in my bones
screaming all night long

oh my heart is breaking
muscle and blood pumped
an aching in my breast

oh my tears are running
salty rivers filled with pain
a muted cry within me now

yea a few pounds of bones
feathers that once were proud
her call an inner echo


Anonymous said...

oooooo, your tears are mingled with my own, dear robyn. We and all breathing beings are just temporary 'guests' in this house of Nature....and yet there is Something, which 'WE' are that never dies. Bring this to your beautiful and sore heart, to soothe and cool and the poem...

Love, botz

robyn said...

thank you botz, my heart has been sad. Please note that the female that I was looking for died in-fact last spring...I posted all the updates on the Eagle blogsite; please check it out and make a comment.