Friday, June 15, 2007

Ole Man Winter's last gasp 2007

Town plows were going all night- I had restless sleep. Woke up at dawn to about 20" of bluish lavender snow being topped off with an icing of sleet. We've got a howling wind with screeching plows peppered by percussive beeping. It's the last big dance for ole man winter, maybe. Spring is excitedly waiting in the wings. The tangle of seasons have caught the birds with their feathered pants down. End of the winter hunger makes them scurry to my feeder.
All is quiet for a moment and the sky is brightening with a promise of later day sun.


botz said...

snow in june! wow. it has been spring here for a long time...summer is threatening already (sort of). xob

robyn said...
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robyn said...

oh you silly Botz, my writing was from this spring. I just saw the piece recently and wanted to post here. Do ya like it?
Dr. Robyn

Enjah said...

THANK GOD this is not current! I was having head-spinning and hair-bursting-into-flames reading it!

botz said...

GOOD GOD! i just vomited imagining enjah's head scorching in flames and spinning, the overwhelming smell of burning hair, the vision of lavender snow coupled with the percussive beeping, howling, screeching. what the hell's going on here?

silly botz

robyn said...

water, augua, cool liguid, liquado, gushing puts out the fire and leaves us up under water's skin. I rest with a frog in my throat.

robyn said...

well hell did you like the writing?
seems we have strayed from the topic. yes

botz said...

sorry to have been swept up & carried away in the moment...but it was so fun!

the writing is lyrical and beautiful and poetic...surround-sound for the senses; visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and with a gentle, warm humour. wish i could have been there with a cup of tea.

robyn said...

YOu're hired, if it's got to be tea-then so be it!
When can you start?

thanks for your lyrical and lovely critique.