Saturday, May 26, 2007

Plum Island sojourn

we loved a lot,
fought a little
made up

walked tons
looked at birds
so much my eyes hurt

sat on a boardwalk
at the beach
in front of the weather channel

we ate noodles, fish, rice
we even ate turkey
birds inside & out
washed down with coffee, tea and wine

we talked

I was so excited
had to walk away
take a break
draw a picture
look at my cuticles

we're home and lonesome
town's traffic replaced ocean waves
up at the crack-of-dawn
searching for passerines


Poet said...

Rob, your vacation sounds like just what I would like ... about now.

I hope that when I am very old and unable to travel, my memory brings back all the beauty of KaiLuum, Paradise Island, Batha England and New Orleans in 1968 (before MLK was shot). Now you have given me a glimpse of Plum Island to add on.

Enjah said...

mmmmmmmmmmm birds birds birds! nice poetic post

botz said...

hey berta,

wouldn't it be grand to carry one's vacation around as if it was permanent? hey, plum island at the co-op! oh, another bird on your shoulder, right there at the vitamin department. that's some plum of an island right in the city...Buddha in Manhattan!
keep the bliss...

botz said...

hey, why do my comments have a garbage can again?? well! i never!

botz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
robyn said...

My dear Botz, the cans are for deleting a comment if you wanted to. Forinstance if I misspelled something and wanted to delete it...

botz said...

hello, i understand that BUT my comments are the only ones with a garbage can. Que?

robyn said...

B, every comment has a can.
I gotta can you gotta can she's gotta can
we all gotta can, here a can there...

botz said...

faskanating. i do not have the pleasure of seeing everyone else's garbage can, if i can-can. you can see mine...i can't see yours'. hhmmm...