Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Green Bay Memories

Kaap's Restaurant


1. My first experience in Kaaps Restaurant was probably around the time of my birth 1948, which now seems like a long time ago. I was born to eat their: chocolate covered candy, fresh real vanilla and chocolate ice cream with tiny bits of frozen ice, their mint ice-cream served in a chilled silver dish with dark chocolate syrup draped over the top. I was born to sit in an exotic smoky booth and watch my mother busy charming the bartender. I was born to get my first stuffed toy that smelled of food and cigarettes. That when I pressed my nose to the dog’s fake fur I’d see a whole world come into view. A world of festive people at Christmas time when Kaaps would decorate their two front windows. It was a magical world framed by spray-on snow. I was balanced on the tips of my toes to get a look. My Lou’s Bootery black Mary Jane patent-leather shoes bending and cutting into the top of my foot. What pain did I notice? The slushy snow chilling. What cold did I notice? The inside of this fairy tale world held my attention, my imagination. That’s when I noticed my favorite toy. The stuffed creature that would be my best friend for years to come.


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